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On November 2011 through December of 2011 we started a one time business called Kameleon Kafe. Before we get into the restaurant action let's go back to when Teacher Tim Noonan had the idea. One Sunday night before Thanksgiving, Teacher Tim remembered that he had to do an in-session. He thought, and thought, and thought. When he got the idea the trash can was already full of crumbled up pieces of paper. " I'll teach the kids about how to add money!" thought Teacher Tim. A week later minutes after the in-session when the day was about to be over the Meteors wanted to learn more about adding money and a former student got the idea of doing a restaurant.


Kameleon Koffee

After Kameleon Kafe, we decided to make a little program where we sell coffee and pastries in the morning to the parents. This plan failed because the parents were never here on time and the Meteor parents had to be there extra early to have their kid help out. Most parents were late.









History of Kameleon Katering

Kameleon Kafe

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